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Our ewes are easy lambers, in fact, I actually see very few lambs born. I love walking into the barn or pasture to see a new family dried off, nursed, and tucked away. We typically have a 180-190% lambing rate on the mature ewes (sometimes breaking 200%).

If pushing for an Easter market, winter born lambs (Feb) are creep fed a texturized feed and third cutting alfalfa hay to promote growth. Fall born lambs are sometimes limit-fed creep feed if weather is cold, otherwise they are just fed high-quality alfalfa hay. In the past, lambs were fed a corn-based pellet after weaning along with either alfalfa hay or pasture (depending on availability of pasture). However, that has changed with increasing feed prices and improved genetics. We maximize pasture as much as possible in our operation and are buying very little grain these days.

Lambs typically weigh 1 lb./day of age by the second or third week of life, and usually maintain a group average of 0.3-0.5 lb/day [consuming a forage-based (pasture or hay) diet with no grain supplementation] through the first 4-6 months of age, with individual lambs (usually singles) easily breaking 1 lb. of ADG at the younger stages.  





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