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 K Bar K Farm imported Dorset semen from England from three rams from the Blackdown flock. We are excited to bring these genetics into our flock. The Blackdown Flock is one of the top indexing flocks in Signet (the UK genetic evaluation program) and is also one of the most genetically linked flocks in the country. Kathy visited this flock and was impressed with the quality of animals and the breeding program. Now that the border has re-opened we hope to import more genetics from this flock. 

For pictures of the three Blackdown sires used, click here. To see more on how the Blackdown flock has influenced our flock, click 'British Genetics' in the menu to the left. 

In December 2014, we were able to purchase semen from an outstanding Lambplan ram in Australia from Felix Rams. We are excited to try these genetics in our flock. For information on this ram, click here. The first offspring were born in Marcy 2017 and we are anxious to see how these genetics improve internal parasite resistance and carcass traits in our flock. 


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