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Imported Australian Genetics


We had considered importing genetics from Australia for some time, however, were hesitant due to the different emphasis of the Dorset breed in Australia (terminal sire) compared with the maternal emphasis in our own flock. However, after thorough investigation we were convinced that there were some important qualities that the Australian Dorset genetics could add to our flock. These include: 

1. Superior performance. Australia is light-years ahead of of the US in selecting genetically superior sheep using advanced technology. From the typical carcass and maternal traits to traits that the US hasn't even begun to embrace yet such as dressing percentages and meat eating quality, Australia has the genetics available to help US producers move ahead at a rapid pace.  

2. Genetic connections in Lambplan. While our data is currently run with the NSIP database, should we develop sufficient connections with the Australian Dorset database, we would consider dual membership with both organizations.

3. Internal parasite resistance. Australia has made significant progress in genetically selecting parasite resistant animals through BLUP technology which we hope to utilize in our flock as well.  


In 2014, we had a ram from Felix Rams collected and hope to have offspring on the ground out of this ram in early 2016. 



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