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Imported English Genetics

We sought genetics from from England, the 'motherland' of Dorset sheep. We decided to import these genetics due to the outstanding breed type and production records of the British Dorset, and to recapture the 'true' Dorset traits. 

During a trip to England in 2005, Kathy visited the Blackdown flock, a progressive Dorset flock that is one of the highest indexing flocks in the country as well as one of the most genetically linked. In addition, their sheep management and flock goals were similar to ours. It was a perfect match for our next genetic move. 

In October, 2007 and again in October, 2010, we artificially inseminated (AI) ewes to three different rams from the Blackdown flock. We were very happy with the results and hope to import more semen from this outstanding flock in 2015 now that the border has reopened. 



May 2008- 60 days old F1 ram lambs

All-forage diet for lambs and dams


UK-sired ram that has been used frequently in our flock





Click here for more information on the AI procedure.


Click here to see pictures of the Blackdown sires we used. 


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